eSentire Services Catalogue


In this “Services Catalogue”, capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings given in the Master Security Services Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), and any capitalized terms used in this Services Catalogue that are not defined in this Services Catalogue or the Terms and Conditions will have the generally accepted industry or technical meaning given to such term.


If Client is provisioned with eSentire Equipment, eSentire shall maintain the hardware and software for all eSentire-provided devices including the Sensor. eSentire will ship replacements of failed components (excluding SOHO devices) the next business day with priority express shipping, receipt of replacements or failed components is subject to local custom or similar procedures. For SOHO devices, eSentire configures and ships replacement systems as soon as commercially possible. This maintenance policy does not apply to hardware provided by Client’s organization. Shipping of replacement parts or systems for eSentire provided devices is included with the existing service fees. This replacement policy does not apply if the eSentire-provided hardware is damaged or lost through fire, theft or misuse. In the event of loss of eSentire-provided hardware through fire, theft or misuse, Client is responsible for the cost and shipping of the replacement.

eSentire shall provide support to Client for both security and system issues related to eSentire Equipment. eSentire will communicate with Client’s IT personnel by the following methods:

  • Telephone Support. eSentire provides 24x7x365 telephone support out of the SOC for inbound enquiries by Client. Current eSentire policy stipulates that Client initiated calls are returned within twenty (20) minutes of reception in those cases where circumstances prevent the SOC from answering the call. The eSentire incident response line is:


    Contact Information



    1-844-552-5837 (Toll Free)

    North America


    353 021 475 7102

    Outside of North America

  • Email Support. Email support is provided by the SOC on a 24x7x365 basis for inbound enquiries by Client. Email response is provided in accordance with the severity level of the incident or inquiry. The eSentire incident response email address is:


    Contact Information



    [email protected]


eSentire SOC initiates outbound email alerts following detection of security events within the Client network. Alerts are escalated in accordance with the severity level of the incident.

Issue Tracking. eSentire maintains a ticketing system to handle all incoming contact from Clients. As such, eSentire keeps a log of all support calls and emails received from Client. Information to be included in this log include the name and location of the Client employee or contractor, eSentire security analyst involved, the date and time of the contact, the time to resolve the logged issue and details of the issue. This process is audited each year by eSentire’s external auditors for AICPA SOC2 compliance.

If a ticketing system is in use by Client’s IT group, a ticket number should be included in communications with eSentire so that eSentire can reference the Client’s ticket number in the eSentire ticket.

Escalation Process.

During initial deployment, the parties may agree upon the terms and conditions of appropriate attack/risk/response levels in writing from time to time. Notification/response process will be determined according to Client’s requirements and will be agreed upon in writing by the parties. For example, if an active and serious attack occurs outside business hours, Client must be available for consultation. In such a case, eSentire will define appropriate actions based on factors such as level of attack sophistication and risk, during specified time periods, and will provide an opinion to Client’s organization as to the best response. eSentire will also provide advice with respect to the hands-on level of incident management required. In the event that Client requires implementation of any response strategy to be performed by eSentire, such implementation terms, conditions and rates will be agreed upon in writing in advance and additional fees will apply.