Security Awareness Training (Legacy)

eSentire will provide up to four (4) one-hour sessions of security awareness training for Client’s employees, which sessions shall be on the same business day, including without limitation, password hygiene, social network posture, social engineer, unsecure connections, phishing attacks and other then current topics and trends in cybersecurity. The training delivery shall be performed on a mutually agreed upon date and time, either remotely or onsite at Client’s location. If the training delivery is performed onsite, Client shall be responsible for all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by eSentire in connection with the delivery of the onsite training as described in the Travel and Related Expenses section below. The Client acknowledges and agrees that any recording or copies of the training content provided shall only be used for internal training purposes of Client’s employees.

Legacy Services Delivery Frequency for Security Awareness Training

Legacy Service Bundle Name Delivery Frequency
Managed Risk Program: Measure and Engage Annual
Managed Risk Program: Mature and Direct Semi-Annual
Managed Risk Program: Harden and Wargame Quarterly
Managed Risk Program: Harden and Secure Semi-Annual