Vulnerability Management Program

eSentire shall review, assess, and assist the Client in developing a Vulnerability Management Program to ensure that the Client can identify and fix security vulnerabilities in their systems in a timely manner. This project will include the following key steps:

  1. Review and assess the Client’s current methodology to identify, rate, prioritize, fix, and track vulnerabilities.
  2. Assist in the development and provide guidance in the execution of a consistent management program to manage vulnerabilities in their environment.
  3. Initial (baseline) assessment and review of existing vulnerability management processes.
  4. Meetings with subject matter experts or Client designate(s) to review and assess current management processes and artefacts.
  5. Development of a pragmatic Vulnerability Management Program.
  6. Executive Summary on findings and recommendations for future changes to Vulnerability Management Program.
  7. Guidance and assistance, as necessary, on the continued execution of the Vulnerability Management Program including involvement in review of tools and third party service providers.