Security Policy Review and Guidance

eSentire will review, assess, and assist Client on an annual basis, in the development of Information Security policies to address cybersecurity threat and regulatory compliance requirements. eSentire will:

  1. Review and assess Client’s existing Information Security (and related) policies;
  2. Evaluate Client’s Information Security policy requirements based on applicable legal and regulatory requirements; and
  3. Provide guidance to Client on the development and adoption of Information Security policies required to meet Client objective and applicable regulatory and/or legal requirements.
  4. Providing Initial (baseline) assessment and guidance on Information Security policies:
    1. Workshop session with Client to collect information and review existing architecture.
    2. Development of updated Information Security policies based on assessment and findings.
    3. Guidance and direction on Information Security policy adoption within Client’s organization.
  5. Providing Annual re-assessment and review of Information Security policies:
    1. Annual review of Information Security policies to identify gaps based on any applicable business, regulatory, or legal changes.
    2. Provide findings and recommendations report based on annual review.