Security Architecture Review

eSentire shall review, assess, and provide on an annual basis, recommendations for the Security Architecture of Client’s environment. eSentire will:

  1. Review and assess Client’s existing Security Architecture including, but not limited to, network design, network segmentation, access controls, technical controls, and user authentication;
  2. Provide recommendations for improvement of Client’s Security Architecture; and
  3. Review any past available Vulnerability Audit(s), Penetration Test(s), or Risk Assessment(s).
  4. Initial (baseline) assessment and review of Security Architecture:
    1. Workshop session with Client to collect information and review existing Security Architecture.
    2. Executive Summary report based on findings.
    3. Detailed Recommendations report based on findings.
  5. Annual re-assessment and review of Security Architecture:
    1. Annual review of Security Architecture.
    2. Provide findings and recommendations report based on annual review and changes in threat landscape.