Security Architecture Review

eSentire shall review, assess, and provide on an annual basis, recommendations for the Security Architecture of Client’s environment. eSentire will:

    1. Review and assess Client’s existing Security Architecture including, but not limited to, network design, network segmentation, access controls, technical controls, and user authentication;
    2. Provide recommendations for improvement of Client’s Security Architecture; and
    3. Review any past available vulnerability audit(s), penetration test(s), or assessment(s).
    4. Initial (baseline) assessment and review of Security Architecture:
      1. Workshop session with Client to collect information and review existing Security Architecture
      2. Detailed Recommendations report based on findings with an attached Executive Summary
    5. Annual re-assessment and review of Security Architecture:
      1. Annual review of Security Architecture

    Any plans, processes and framework generation is based on a cooperative and collaborative effort between the Client and eSentire. If is the Client’s responsibility to execute on any action and recommendations as described in the findings and deliverables of this review. eSentire does not assume operational ownership of Security Architecture by engaging in this review.